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over 6 years ago

GigHacks Followup

Good afternoon, GigHackers!

We wanted to thank you again for an incredible weekend - we were so impressed with what you all accomplished in such a short time, as were our judges. It continues to be a privilege working in Chattanooga, and we're glad to be part of this developer community. And, in case you missed it, the Pulse had a nice recap of the event.

Orange has asked that you add a quick summary of your projects to Challengepost by the end of the day tomorrow. Though we didn't use it for our judging, they would like to assign awards using the submission platform; US Ignite would also like to add your projects to their CCX (Collaborative Comminity Exchange).

We also wanted to encourage you to stay involved with Hive ChattanoogaCO.LAB and GigLab. With GIGTANK around the corner, there's a lot happening this summer - like us on Facebook and follow via Twitter (@Hive_CHA@TheCompanyLab and @GigLabCha) for updates!

And, finally, a quick reminder that GigLabs is a public space. This is a huge advantage you have over the other cities that participated in GigHacks, with the same equipment and the same space used during the event available to you whenever the 4th Floor is open. We are the only city that offers anything like it. If you would like to continue to use your server at GigLab, please let Sean know. We encourage you to use the GigLab space for all of your gigabit experiments!   All our best.

The GigHacks Crew