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over 6 years ago

A Few Reminders + One Request

Hey, GigHackers -

Before we get started for the weekend, our GigLab crew wanted to put out a request for VM specs - if you need a virtual machine spun up for your project, please feel free to e-mail me [geoff at mozillafoundation dot org] with what operating system you'd like, how much RAM, CPU cores, etc.

We also wanted to offer a few suggestions straight from US IGnite CTO Glenn Ricart, to ensure you can fully benefit from GigLab's connectivity:

  • Try to bring a laptop with a GIGABIT Ethernet port.  (Many laptops with Ethernet ports only go up to 100 Mbps.)
  • Or an AC-equipped laptop.  However, in previous hackathons, there were not AC gigabit access points in any case, so the main way to get a gigabit was Ethernet. If you want wireless gigabit, bring AC-capable access points that plug into a wired Gigabit Ethernet. [Note: GigLab does have AC access points, but that won't guarantee gig wireless.]
  • A USB 3.0 to 1 Gbps Ethernet adapter is useful if the laptop also has USB 3.0. USB 2.0 has a theoretical upper limit of 480 Mbps.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight, 5pm at the Squirrel!